Our factory is one of the leading manufacturers, producers and exporters of sweets, biscuits and chocolate to the Middle East, where the technology and the modern and sophisticated machinery combined with the high taste of sweets such as shikolah, tufi, frankincense and yoghurt are combined. Arab and African countries, in order to distinguish our products with the quality and precision of manufacture. This is the origin of the long-established establishment, which has been characterized by the management experience in this field since 1957 AD 1377 AH for a family specialized in trade and industry and its heritage throughout generations in the Arab Kingdom Saudi Arabia. Ending the experience of fifty years with advanced technology Our ideas were not fixed on specific products, but we work with all the effort in the production of varieties of sweets do not depend on being duplicated or similar to others in the market, but we are working on the production of everything new after our constant knowledge of everything Located in the Arab and international markets and international exhibitions that we visit .

General Manager 

Omar Saleh Omar Babatin